Course Reflections

Which of our three goals do you feel you improved on the most? Better reader, better write, or better speaker & listener?
· The goal I feel I improved the most on was becoming a better writer. This semester, I started to use advanced vocabulary (more difficult words than I did last year), and I learned how to write an essay using a generic introduction, how to develop good topic sentences, and how to conclude my essays. I also feel that I have become a better writer due to all of the essays we wrote this semester, and all of the time that we spent working on writing introductions, topic sentences, and such. It really helped a lot!

How has this course helped me to become a more caring, competent, contributing citizen in an ever-changing global community?
· I believe this course has helped me become more caring because I was able to make so many new friends this year in honors English II. With the friendships that I have built throughout this course, I know these are true friends. I have become more contributing because I have started contributing more of my own ideas to class discussions we have occasionally, which has helped me to voice my opinion in a situation.

What will you take away from this class? What will you remember?
· Something I will surely remember from this class is all of the discussions we got into about politics, the current state of the economy, and what our President is up to. I also won’t forget all of the people that I got to know that I normally wouldn’t have talked to in the hallways at school. A thing I will take away from this class is how much my writing has improved in just one semester. I can now write a three to five page report with a correct introduction, with body paragraphs – perhaps block style or point-by-point – that are coherent, and finishing with a strong conclusion. Something else I will take away from this class is how to incorporate in-text citations into my writing and essays.

Self Evaluation

Did I achieve my personal goals for this course?
· Yes, I believe I did achieve my goals. I have become a faster reader, and I was able to read the books in the curriculum much more quickly at the end of the semester compared to the start of the school year. I wanted to improve on my writing, and I sure did. Last year I was unable to write an essay with adequate introduction, body paragraphs (with details all askew), and a conclusion that left the reader hanging on. This year, I learned how to fix these problems.

Did you give your personal best?
· Yes, I believe I did give my personal best. I always had my homework completed – and handed in on time, and I always made sure I contributed at least one of my own thoughts to our discussions about the novel or memoir we were currently reading.